Luggage Storage in Amsterdam

If you are traveling to Amsterdam soon, you’ll need to know how to store your bags and discover more about luggage storage in Amsterdam. Amsterdam Centraal Luggage Storage, Amsterdam Airport Luggage Storage, and Left Luggage Storage Services remain available for your convenience throughout this bustling city, too.

Airbnb-Style Luggage Storage in Amsterdam

You’ll need to find a safe place to store your bags as you tour the beautiful, historic city of Amsterdam. Luggage storage in Amsterdam abounds and can be found in many convenient locations throughout the picturesque town. One option for storing your bags includes using the Airbnb method for storing your luggage.


Stasher and similar Airbnb luggage storage providers have made a deal with local hotels and shops to provide storage for a low price.

The company thoroughly vetted the security of their storage areas. So all you’ll need to do to rent a space remains to book your storage online, drop off your luggage or bags, and pay.

Luggage Storage in the Netherlands - Comparison


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It’s a pretty simple bag storage process. And one of the big benefits of using Stasher remains that your bags remain fully insured. The price of Stasher is only €5 per day. Plus, you may cancel your reservation any time and still get a complete refund.

If you like the sound of Stasher in Amsterdam, you can also reserve storage space for your bags in many of the key tourist cities in Europe. With Stasher, you can also find luggage storage in cities such as Rome, London, Berlin, Barcelona, and Paris.


Amsterdam has a significant number of storage areas in Amsterdam, as well as throughout Europe. The company offers €1500 per item insurance, too. Please use the promo code FREETOURSBYFOOT to receive a 10 percent discount. You can store one item for 6€ per the first 24 hours per bag. Each additional day costs 4€ per pack per day.


Bagbnb has bag storage in areas like restaurants, cafes, bike rental shops, and laundromats. How convenient! These storage areas have fast check-in and only cost €5 per bag for 24 hours. Each bag gets insured for €200, too. So check in your bag at Bagbnb, grab a cup of coffee, and do your laundry.

Amsterdam Centraal Luggage Storage

The Amsterdam Central luggage storage at this famous train station Bagagekluizen has lockers for storing your luggage for from one to 72 hours. The cost per cabinet ranges from €7 to €10 for the first 24 hours. The price difference comes from the size of the locker you rent. The locker stays open from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. every day. These lockers are located in the east wing of the station. While the baggage storage is conveniently located, it becomes a bit pricey.

You can only get to your baggage in these lockers if you go certain times of the day. Also, you must have a valid train ticket with you to retrieve your bags. Amsterdam Centraal Luggage storage doesn’t take cash payments and is very popular.

The small lockers at this station are 90x45x40 cms. The larger lockers are 90x60x40cm. Please don’t lose your claim ticket, or you’ll get charged an extra ten euro fee to open the locker.

Less Expensive Luggage Lockers Near the Centraal Station in Amsterdam

For less expensive lockers close to the Amsterdam train station, you might want to choose Lockerpoint. Lockerpoint remains close to the station at Damrak, only four minutes away on foot. Lockerpoint is a secure, staffed storage place that costs €6 per day per locker. Also, unlike storing your luggage at Amsterdam Centraal Station, you can open your locker whenever you’d like at no charge. Lockerpoint provides you with your locker information by email if you want them to. Plus, you can pay using cash or a credit card.

Amsterdam Airport Luggage Storage

Bags at Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport may be stored at several locations. You can store your baggage at this airport for up to seven days. You can find baggage lockers for rent at several places at this international airport. Find a convenient locker at:

At the baggage basement. It’s located just before you go through security.

After you’ve gone through security at Holland Boulevard, and at Lounges one, two, and three.

The prices for Amsterdam Airport Storage have a range from €6 to €11.50 for 24 hours. You may conveniently pay for your store using a PIN, cash, or credit card at most lockers.

Amsterdam Airport Storage also has a particular baggage storage area where you can keep your bags for a daily charge of €7.

Left Luggage Storage Services

Amsterdam Central Station Left Luggage

Amsterdam Central Station left luggage storage services to have a sizeable left luggage facility. This area is located in the eastern passageway near the front, city-side entrance. To find the luggage storage area, follow the suitcase symbol signs to the tunnel marked “baggage,” and you’ll soon be there. It’s right next to platform 2’s staircase.

Two sizes of lockers remain available in this area. The small lockers (90x45x40 cm) should contain your standard sized luggage. The larger lockers (90x60x40 cm) work well for bigger suitcases. Smaller containers in this area cost €7 a day, and larger lockers cost €10 a day.

You’ll receive a penalty charge if you don’t pick up your luggage within 72 hours. A €70 fee may also be included if you leave your bags after the time limit is up.

General instructions for these lockers are:

  • Find an empty cabinet, put your bags inside, and shut the door.
  • The indicator light on the locker will turn red.
  • Pay for your locker at the automatic pay terminal between the storage lockers. They take Dutch PIN cards, Visa and Maestro plus Mastercard. These lockers don’t take cash.
  • You’ll get a receipt and ticket next. Please ensure that your locker is locked before you leave it.

Don’t lose your ticket. You’ll need it to get back into your locker for your bags. It will cost 10 Euros if your ticket becomes lost.

When you come back for your bag, put your ticket in the payment terminal’s slot. The terminal will notify you if any further payment is required. Once your locker gets paid up, it will open automatically.

Please ensure that you have all the items you need from your locker before you lock it. Once you open the door, your rental period is over.

It’s usually cheaper to pay for separate 24 hour periods than to pay for multiple days. This area’s open hours go from 0500 to 010 get screened by security.

Other Left Luggage in Amsterdam Services

Drop & Go

Drop & Go provides you with an alternative baggage storage service across from the Amsterdam Centraal Station. This storage area, located near the impressive St. Nicolaas church, remains only a one minute walk from the station. You can find Drop & Go on an underground level next to the Batavia Café.

To store your luggage at Drop & Go, you’ll pay €4 for a laptop-sized bag, €7 for a small bag, and €10 for a standard-sized suitcase. You can also rent a larger space to hold ski bags, surfboards, and similar items for €15. As with the other luggage storage services, be sure to hold on to your ticket.

On top of having storage space, you may also charge electronic devices, weigh luggage, and print out boarding passes. Many local apartment rentals prefer picking up their lodgers at Drop & Go.

Drop & Go stays open between 0900 and 2200 daily, and it’s located at Prins Hendrikkade 86. If you tour the De Pijp district, Drop & Go has another storage area at Ferdinand Bolstraat 147. You may call +31(0)20 2233648, too.

Lock Amsterdam

Lock Amsterdam, located close to Amsterdam Station, offers very similar services to those of Drop & Go, but remains a little less expensive. Small hand luggage rental costs €5, medium-sized backpacks and bags cost €8, and larger storage lockers cost €10.

Lock Amsterdam also has free WiFi, an essential service, luggage weighing, and a board pass printing facility. Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 28A remains where Lock Amsterdam’s address. Their phone number is+31(0)6 24559733.

Amsterdam Luggage Storage

Amsterdam Luggage Storage stores your bags for €6 a day. You also get a significant discount if your book storage rental from them for seven days or more.

Another way to move your bags is by using a luggage delivery service. Lock Luggage Delivery collects your baggage and transfers it to its next destination airport or train station. You may store your luggage with Lock for up to nine days. An attendant remains at Lock Luggage Storage to help you and answer your questions. Attendants also help you with locker problems or paying for your locker.

And finally, you might get to store your luggage at the hotel where you stay. Many of the hotels in Amsterdam offer luggage storage arrangements, with a unique baggage storage room for their guests.

You’ll have plenty of options for storage while you’re in Amsterdam. See this scenic location, and enjoy your travels.