Luggage Storage in Rotterdam

You won’t want to drag your suitcases around with you as you travel the elegant city of Rotterdam. A few options exist for storing your luggage and backpacks while you enjoy Rotterdam’s historical, sea-faring sites.

Luggage Storage in Rotterdam: An Easy Guide

Even though Rotterdam was nearly destroyed by the fighting during WWII, it remains a great place to explore.

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Stash Your Luggage with Stasher in Rotterdam

Travelers can rent convenient and affordable luggage storage using Stasher. The cost remains reasonable (€5 per day), and locations have a good reputation for being safe. To rent a Stasher storage locker for your luggage, book ahead online. Then, when you arrive in Rotterdam, all you’ll need to do remains to drop off your bags and enjoy the city.

Stasher offers storage perks such as full insurance for each of the items you store, plus all day, everyday customer support. So your belongings will remain in good hands while you enjoy Rotterdam’s local scenery and sites.

Another benefit to using Stasher remains that the company has become partners with some of the local hotel chains, including the Premier Inn and Accor Hotels. Stasher also has over 5000 positive reviews and flexible hours.
Luggage storage near Rotterdam Centraal Station

One of the primary hubs of transportation remains the Rotterdam Centraal Station. This railroad connects Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and the remainder of Europe. While it’s convenient to store your luggage at the station, the prices here are higher than elsewhere.

Find luggage storage in Rotterdam with Stasher!

Luggage Storage in Rotterdam Centraal Station

You may store your baggage at the lockers at Rotterdam Centraal Station for up to 72 hours. Please be aware that the lockers remain expensive and fill up quickly, especially during the prime tourist season in the summer months.

Hours for the Centraal Station luggage storage area go from 05:00 to 01:00 each day. The cost of these lockers starts at €3.85 per hour. So storing your baggage here remains only feasible for an hour or so.

Luggage Storage at The Hague Airport

Another place to store your luggage is the airport by The Hague. Like the Rotterdam Centraal Station, storing your luggage there is expensive and not very practical. The luggage storage areas are located at the Central and Transit halls in the airport’s terminal. It’s located near the Horizon Restaurant. You need to pay with cash only, and get a significant fine if you leave your bags there for more than 24 hours. One big benefit is that your luggage remains accessible all day, every day.

The cost for a locker at The Hague Airport’s storage area runs about €25 per day. Options in the city’s center run about five times less. So, think twice before you rent baggage storage at The Hague airport.

The new Hotel Rotterdam remains centrally located in Rotterdam’s heart. Not only can you get great accommodations here, but you can also store your luggage at the hotel quite easily. This great hotel remains within easy walking distance from the Rotterdam Centraal Train Station and a wide variety of parks, museums, and shopping areas